Bodywork Experiences

We are an eclectic and artistic team that that enjoy expressing ourselves and connecting with others through touch, massage and movement. Some of which does not fit into the narrow definition of licensed therapeutic massage. We have created the "Bodywork" category for these experiences. Please contact us by phone or email to schedule or ask questions about our bodywork sessions.

Flying Therapeutics

Flying Therapeutics combines partner acrobatics (Acro) with bodywork to provide a weightless, inverted, and restorative experience that allows for unique bodywork treatment. You do not need any special skills to be flown, your base has got you...literally!

We have a couple of very special Acro and Flying Therapeutics practitioners/teachers who would love to tell you more about it! Give us a call at (206) 801-9251.

*Limited to specific providers, please call or email for more details.

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Primal Unwinding

Primal Unwinding is a very unique and interactive form of bodywork where the goal is to get in touch with, and respond to, the primal needs of our bodies, nervous systems and emotional network….of our primal selves. It is powerful, profound and unlike anything that most of us have ever experienced before.

You can experience a Primal Unwinding Bodywork session or have it included in your massage session.  

*Limited to specific providers, please call or email for more details.

Customized OnSite Experiences

We love to create special massage and bodywork experiences for your office, sporting event or private celebration. These experiences are often centered around our services such as chair massage, table or floor thai massage, flying therapeutics and more. However, we really enjoy putting on a show that will never be forgotten, so we also like to help you create a very unique atmosphere for your event as well.

Call or email us to talk learn more about what we can do for your next event.

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