Our Feedback Pages

We really appreciate positive reviews from our clients but we absolutely crave personal feedback! The difference is telling the world something important about your experience in a review that might help them decide if we are a good fit for them and providing critical feedback for an individual so they can improve or better understand how their massage is being received by clients. 


Personal feedback is the best way to understand how our work is actually being experienced and the specific things that we can do to make your massage experience better every time that you come in.


Practice Feedback Rewards!

We give out a free year of massages (one massage per month for a year) for the suggestion or feedback that we feel was the most helpful, impactful or profound on the practice as a whole and we ask each therapist which personal suggestion or feedback they received was the most helpful, impactful or profound on them personally or professionally and give the person that gave that suggestion a free year of massages as well. PS - We do not give out tangible rewards for praise because we want our reviews to be honest and unsolicited..but we are always   

Here are some ways that you can give us feedback: 

If you have some feedback that you want to share with our Massage Visionary, you can email Joe Lavin directly at joe@massagereimagined.com or you can complete the form at the bottom of the page. You can also use the form below if your therapist is not listed yet. I use these emails and form submissions in my quarterly reviews with each of my therapists and sooner if appropriate. 

If you have some feedback that you would like to give to your therapist directly, you can use their personal email link below or use their anonymous feedback page link. The reason that we provide anonymous feedback options are so you can feel free to tell your therapist something that might be critical or sensitive but is important for them to hear.