There is nothing even close to losing yourself to the relaxing and nurturing care of two amazing massage therapists at the same time. Our Four Handed Massage Experiences will leave you satiated, breathless and be wanting to come back before you even leave….

If you are not sure which one is right for you or you have never had a four-handed massage experience, we recommend starting with the Four Hand Deep Lomi Relaxation Experience and work your way up from there.

$200 Per Hour At Our Location / $300 Per Hour At Your Location

Four Hand Deep Lomi Relaxation Experience

We begin with a lightly choreographed introduction and then follow your body’s lead into deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. As we follow your body we are not just responding to your muscle tone and the physical tightness that is discernible by touch, we are also “listening” and responding to the more subtle signals given off by your nervous system. We will take turns leading and following each other; at times we will separate and each focus on a separate area as we feel led in order to induce a deeper relaxation or use more specialized individual techniques. Each massage is a unique creation designed specifically for your needs. This is more of an intuitive approach rather than a choreographed approach. So sometimes we are in perfect harmony and then other times we might both be working on a different area or at a different depth.

Four Hand Deep Lomi Fusion Experience

It is the fusion that makes this experience so amazing! In the Deep Lomi Relaxation Experience above, the two therapists are working together as individuals to provide your experience. However, in a Four Hand Fusion Session, they are working as one symbiotic person. Reacting to, with, around and through each other. The energy, flow, and physical touch is unlike anything you have ever experienced. When the potential of this massage is fully realized, the client is brought into the fusion dynamic and seemingly becomes one with the therapists.

Four Hand Ultra Deep Massage Experience

This experience is not for the weak or meek. This is one of the most thorough, challenging and deep massage experiences that you will ever have. It is intended for professional athletes, dancers and very, very “durable” individuals. Because of the very high level of physical and mental exertion required for these sessions, we ask that you personally contact us to request a session and understand we may not be able to accept every request for this service.

Four Hand Massage Faqs


The draping for Four Hand Massage and Bodywork is less modest than traditional western massage and it is highly recommended that no undergarments are worn. The reason for this is because of the long, integrative, full-body strokes that are used and the fact that two therapists are working on one person at the same time and traditional draping is too cumbersome for the work being done. That being said, the draping is always professional and tailored to the modesty level of the client. Please ask us any questions that you have about draping so that you are totally comfortable.

Session Length

We usually suggest a minimum of 90 minutes for any massage with a single therapist. That being said, a one-hour Four Hand Massage can be long enough for a complete massage experience, especially for your first Four Hand Massage Experience. If you are not sure how long to book your first session for, give us a call.

Booking a Four Hand Session

We only use the absolute best therapists in the area and they can be pretty busy at times. So when we are coordinating an appointment that requires two of the absolute best therapists in the area, that can take a little finesse. We recommend that you schedule your Four Hand Massage Experiences far enough in advance that we can get you the best therapists possible.

The Mix

In case it matters to you, we think that having a male and a female therapist provides a great balance (Yin/Yang) for your first Four Hand Massage experience. So unless you have a strong preference and specify otherwise (sometimes we will ask why), that is what you will get.