High Quality Massage Oils, balms, butters and salves

We use only the highest quality massage oils, balms, butters and healing salves in our practices. You can mix your own, choose from one of our amazing blends or even bring your own in if you have something that you absolutely love. Who knows, it may even eventually end up in our Apothecary...

Balms, Butters and Salves

Our Not-So-Secret Secret!

Our first preference is always a Deep Lomi Balm, thick body butter or one of our healing salves. They all provide just a little more friction and add different dimensions and possibilities to our massage and bodywork. You will feel the difference immediately.


Our Massage Oils

Rich, Luxurious and Natural

All of the massage oils in our Apothecary are very high quality, pure, and organic or cold-pressed. They are also selected for specific reasons such as their overall healthiness, feel or how they combine with other oils or essential oils.

Truly Organic Oils

For The Purists...

Our "Truly Organic" carrier oils are unrefined, cold pressed, USDA certified organic and farm direct (as often as possible). Also, any essential oils used in our Truly Organic oils are equally as pure and USDA certified organic or wildcrafted.