Individual Massage Experiences

Book your individual massage session with us and get ready for an amazing experience. Once you have booked your session you will be able to customize it by answering some questions to let us know exactly what you are looking for...even if you don't think you know.

Reimagining A Great Massage

The goals that we have for ourselves, the expectations that we are creating for our clients, are to deliver the most individualized and amazing massage experiences possible.  That starts with the simplest things like doing full hour, 90 minute and two hour sessions. Leaving at least a half hour between our appointments to give you time to rest after your massage and not just have to jump off the table.

We Always Start With Deep Lomi

All of our sessions start with Deep Lomi Massage or Deep Lomi Principles. Deep Lomi is the bodywork language that we all speak and it informs all of our other styles so there is this beautiful continuity throughout all of our work. This allows us to work together and create an amazing healing community.  

You can read more about Deep Lomi here... 

Thai Massage

You can choose to add some Thai Massage to your Deep Lomi Sessions. Thai Massage stretches and compressions are dynamic, challenging and, for some, life changing. We include some form of Thai Massage in almost all of our massage sessions. We also offer traditional floor based Thai Massage sessions, Thai Yoga Sessions and Table Thai Massage Sessions.

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Nurturing Touch Massage

Deep Lomi Massage is always nurturing, but you can choose to have an intentionally deep nurturing session as well. Nurturing Touch Massage and Bodywork focuses on much more than muscular and neural physiology. It goes much deeper than therapeutic massage and incorporates other healing modalities and energies as well. It is a much deeper level of touch. Slower, more luxurious and with more intentional communication that you are important, safe and deserve to really relax.

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Massage Cupping

Cupping can make any massage session much more profound and invigorating. We use Baguanfa Soft Silicone Cups for our cupping and we incorporate the cupping directly into our Deep Lomi Massage style so it is a very different experience than what most people are used to in terms of cupping therapy.

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