Reviews and Raves

We love to get feedback and reviews from our clients. It helps us to refine our massage skills and helps others to see how our massage is received by our clients. You can read our reviews or submit your own review of your experience on GoogleYelpFacebook or wherever you leave reviews. You can also leave private, anonymous feedback of your massage experience here.  You can also read all of our Massage Visionary, Joe Lavin's, reviews here.  These reviews were all on his Deep Lomi Style that is the basis for all of the massage we do.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for your wonderful reviews. You tell a story that is so hard for us to tell on our own and your reviews have helped us build a very strong massage practice. - Joe Lavin

All Of Our Online Reviews

For your convenience we have also posted all of our online reviews below for your convenience. We highlighted some of the comments that we feel best represent the work that we do, the experience we are trying to create or that were just plain awesome. 

Trish Y. on Google- November 2019- 5 Stars 

Daisy completely and thoroughly 'got it' and truly knows what she is doing. I will be back~!!!!

ClassPass User- October 2019- 5 Stars 

Laura gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. She tailored it to exactly what I needed and checked in thoroughly about my preferences beforehand.

ClassPass User- October 2019- 5 Stars 

They're not kidding when they say they offer a customized massage experience. Super detailed intake form with thoughtful questions asked ahead of time. There were some stretching movements and assisted flipping over that I don't think are common in a typical massage, but I *had* put that I was open to creativity on my form AND you could easily state that you're not interested in that. Overall, very pleased and will definitely go back. (Oh, my massage ended with a weighed blanket!)

Phoebe T on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars 

Honestly the best massage I’ve ever had

Richard L. Tso on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars 

Incredible experience. It was my first time having a four-handed massage and I don’t think I can do anything else from now on. :) It was a very comfortable and relaxing experience. Everything was choreographed perfectly to allow for deep tissue, relaxation, and symmetrical movement. Thanks for a great massage, I will be back.

 Constantin Plih on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars 

Travis is an artist/massuer :)

Malina Malina on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars 

The best experience in my entire life! I don’t know how explain but this is something special! I’m serious
Never felt like this before. Worth to come from NYC to Washington again!
It’s like your massage special for you! We did couple massages for me and my friend, we were super satisfied!
Atmosphere and people there having great energy and you feel the exchange.
This is what you definitely should experience at least once in a life. I highly recommend this place. I would come back no matter what. Thank you! You guys cool. If you have something similar in NYC I would recommend to all my friends.

Morgan Houghton on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars 

Great pressure with check-ins to make sure I was enjoying. Very caring and nurturing touch while also providing deep pressure, which is what I asked for. Also, incredible space with a top notch table and face cradle! You know this matters if you've had a poor quality one - it keeps you from enjoying the experience no matter how great a practitioner you have! I look forward to my next experience at Massage Reimagined!

Hal McCoy on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

I have now had 3 great massages from Kristina. I am here in Seattle temporarily and went to three different therapists at other places before I found Massage Reimagined. During this very stressful time in my life Kristina has found a way to both help me with the body pains and the mental fatigue that come with my stress. Its more than a clinical massage and I believe exactly what the name says, it's a different way to imagine a massage. I plan to be a regular as long as I am in Seattle.
Kristina was quick to understand where my pain was and to find ways to relieve it. She also found ways to impart her good energy or maybe just wash the bad energy away in me. Having never tried Lomi style massage the deep Lomi was exactly what I was looking for.
Joe and his team have founded something that I hope sweeps the country especially for someone who will leave the area eventually. This is not a massage you can get anywhere. I look forward to my next trip to see Kristina.

Fiddle Home Studio on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

Keighli did an amazing job. Under her skilled hands, I was able to release some muscle tension/pain that had been with me a long time. One of the best massages of my life. Respectful, personalized, and fully present in a truly healing way. Extraordinary.

Joe Schmalz on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

outstanding massage.... not the normal run of the mill massage.

Sarah Courtney on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

This place is amazing! I had one of the best massages of my life from Daisy. I highly recommend checking them out!

Chris Jay on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

Absolutely incredible. Travis is a magician. 

Kim Moody on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

Amazing massage. Lovely facility. I will definitely be back.

Jessica on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

Where do I even start?! I recently moved to Seattle from the Midwest and was worried I wouldn't find another therapist I really loved. Massage Reimagined fortunately squashed those concerns immediately. I'm not sure I've ever had a massage so effective (deep tissue) that was still relaxing enough to almost put me to sleep. I was super comfortable the entire time and really impressed by the skills of my therapist. I will for sure be going back!

Okay, I am so passionate about how great my experience was that I skimmed other reviews and came back to edit mine. I want to echo something another person mentioned- my therapist (Keighli) NEVER broke contact during the massage. I felt like she had 5 hands. Like, I have no idea how she did it but it was *fantastic*.

Justin Lesamiz on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

I had my first massage with Keighli today. It was outstanding. My previous company had massage therapists in the building, so I used to get a massage every month. When I left that job, I definitely missed them.
I've been having a lot of neck and shoulder pain, as well as other health issues, and just needed to feel good, if only for an hour. Keighli provided that and beyond. She listened to what I said and did a great job at addressing the areas of concern.
When it was over, I could barely stand up. I was perfectly relaxed and in a trance. I ended up feeling like a million bucks for the rest of the day.
Everything about it was easy, from booking the appointment to meeting her in the lobby to paying. All just seamless. Nothing was awkward or weird.
Can't recommend Keighli enough! Will definitely be going back as soon as I can.

Shawn McDonald on Google- October 2019- 5 Stars

Slow, methodical. Great experience.

ClassPass User- September 2019- 5 Stars 

Daisy is a dream with magical hands! Truly a massage experience unlike any other.

Jessica Houghton on Google- September 2019- 5 Stars

Kayleigh was fantastic! As a fitness professional, this massage really hit all the spots I needed in a creative way! I love the oppositional strokes and stretches with the massage. I will for sure be back and I already bought a gift card for my husband to get a massage!

ClassPass User- September 2019- 5 Stars 

Krissy thank you so much! That was immensely helpful I’ll definitely be back to Massage Reimagined.

Sarah Razek on Google- September 2019- 5 Stars

Laura was fantastic! The massage was very relaxing and comfortable. Laura was very respectful and used good pressure. Highly recommend this place, will definitely go again!

Jessica Byington on Google- September 2019- 5 Stars

One of most personalized massages I've ever had. Felt so taken care of, in an experience completely unique for my body, it's like the therapist knew what it need based on my muscle responses themselves not just on my verbal queues. I love that contact was never broken during the massage and the therapist used their whole body as tools to aid them in the session. 11/10 would go again.

Phuong B. on Yelp- August 2019- 5 Stars

I found this place on classpass and therefore, was originally a little hesitant. However, the people here were super friendly and take ALL of your needs into consideration. I said I wanted to be warm and my masseuse wrapped me in the blanket and cranked up the temperature. I felt like I was getting a massage while in my little cocoon. It was awesome. Highly recommend and will be back soon. 

Marilyn Buchanan on Google- August 2019- 5 Stars

Excellent massage!! I think it may have been one of the best massages I have ever had.

Kristen Carlos on Google- August 2019- 5 Stars

Keighli’s lomi style massage was amazing. Great flow, very relaxing and soothing.

ClassPass User- July 2019- 5 Stars

Wonderful massage! Thorough, relaxing AND intense in the best way. Thank you so much!

Joan Fiset on Google- July 2019- 5 Stars

Today I had my first 90 minute massage with Keighli, and I can't recommend her highly enough. She is intuitive, skilled, and was able to attune to exactly what I needed. Will be returning as I've never had a massage this memorable or sustaining.


ClassPass User- July 2019- 5 Stars

So amazing - can hardly wait to come back!

Anne Phillips on Google -July 2019- 5 Stars

Travis was incredible. Release and relaxation through lomi lomi, Thai massage and his own creativity.

ClassPass User- July 2019- 5 Stars

What an excellent massage! I had a great experience here, and would highly recommend.

Jared Dunbar on Google- July 2019- 5 stars

Was by far one of the best massages I have ever received, Laura and Travis were both hands down amazing, professional, and knew exactly the right areas of concentration for both my partner and I. We will definitely be returning here for our next massage!

Kelsey Chadbourne on Google- June 2019- 5 Stars

Wow... just wow. Totally exceeded my expectations. Travis gave me an unreal experience, I highly recommend him.

ClassPass User- July 2019- 5 Stars

Without a doubt the best massage I’ve ever had! Highly recommend this place. The massage was truly tailored to what I needed and the perfect mix of relaxed transcendence and deep massage.

ClassPass User- July 2019- 5 Stars

Travis was great and gave me lots of insight on how to work on my back pain!

ClassPass User- June 2019- 5 Stars

Wow... just wow. That was the most passionate and thoughtful massage I have ever had. Very unique experience, highly recommend.


ClassPass User- June 2019- 5 Stars

This was the best massage I think I’ve ever had. [Keighli] had magic hands and a unique method that made it feel like she was doing 10 things at once. Highly recommend!!

ClassPass User- June 2019- 5 Stars

Amazing! Highly recommend, best hour of my week!

ClassPass User- June 2019- 5 Stars

Laura was amazing. Best massage I've had in Seattle yet. go go go!!!

Xochil S. on Yelp - April 2019- 5 Stars

I just had the MOST amazing massage with Laura!  This place came highly recommended to me from a friend, and it did not disappoint!  I don't write reviews often, but this massage and the experience warrants a rave review.  Laura is exceptionally talented and the massage, which is Lomi Lomi style, is so amazing and relaxing.  Her touch was perfect and she created the perfect environment during the massage for me to get to a very gel-like state.  
The space is conveniently located, quiet and the intake process is quick and painless :).  It is very thorough in terms of the draping - which can be a little different with Lomi style massage. The rooms are cozy and well appointed, very spa like without being too hokey.  The table was so comfy, the temperature was perfect and I was told I had total control over that if it got too warm or cold.
The only disappointing thing was that I only booked a 60 minute massage, instead of 90!  But I will absolutely be back!  I gotta try the 4-handed massage!
Do yourself a favor and book a massage there today!

Matthew Stott on Google - March 2019- 5 stars

Travis did an excellent job relieving tension in my back and shoulders. The massage was customized to be targeted, firm, and very relaxing. I can honestly say it was the best massage I’ve ever received and I left feeling utterly revived. I’ll definitely be back!

Tracy Munson on Google - February 2019- 5 stars

I came for a ninety minute massage with Travis with very specific areas I needed to work on as a result of my yoga practice. Not only did he do a great job on those areas, but he used his knowledge of the yoga poses to provide tension release in many areas I was not aware I needed. And even though he worked deeply on my muscles, he provided a very tranquil and relaxing experience at the same time. Highly recommend.

Alex Schokking on Google- January 2019- 5 Stars

We tried the 'pillow talk' couples massage here where both people are on the same giant table. It was a terrific experience and definitely something we'll come back for. I really appreciated the fairly in depth survey they ask you to fill out at the start to better understand what kind of massage experience you're looking for.

Thomas Nobbs on Google- December 2018-5 Stars

Masterful work in a convenient location. They considered every possible factor that could improve the individuals massage experience. I felt taken care of and in much better overall mood after the massage.

Eric Karie on Google- August 2018-5 Stars

One word-EXCEPTIONAL! I have been a massage therapist for over 18 years, and I am selective about who I choose to go to for my massage. Travis was amazing and what I received was beyond anything that I have received from other massage therapists. I highly recommend Massage Reimagined!

Jan Newton on Google – June 2018 – 5 Stars
We received an excellent experience here!  The massage was both relaxing and soothing to trouble spots.  We enjoyed being able to experience our separate massages in the same room together.  The two professionals were very talented and kind. What a great time we had as we were celebrating a major birthday.  We highly recommend this company.

Kevin Davenport on Google – June 2018 – 5 Stars
I’ve had hundreds of massages address the country, and this has been the best!


Anthony Smith on Google – June 2018 – 5 Stars
Keighly is amazing. She us so intuitive when it comes to knowing what the body needs.
If it’s your first time, take advantage of the half price off and get two hours!! Wow!!!


Mandy Phillips on Google – June 2018 – 5 Stars
Keighli is MAGIC! I would recommend her massage technique x 100. I’ve had a lot of massages in my day due to back issues, and she is by far the most aware, focused, and thorough therapist I’ve experienced. Thanks, Keighli! You’ll be my long-term therapist from here on!


Sofia Nakhnikin-Weintraub on Google – June 2018 – 5 Stars
Sheer heaven.


Madison L. On Yelp – 6/13/2018 – 5 Stars
The place to go for a massage that will exceed standards! Laura always does a great job and i leave the table feeling 100% refreshed! Locally owned it makes you feel truly taken care of.


Mark & Amy on Google – May 2018 – 5 Stars
Fantastic massage with Keighli. She struck the perfect balance of relaxing and therapeutic. The intake form is long, but you can tell it’s because they really want to tailor the massage – totally worthwhile. The studio is also lovely, and reserved parking a bonus. I’ll book again.


Kodie Patrick on Google – May 2018 – 5 Stars
That was absolutely amazing! Kaylee did a fantastic job. She knew exactly where to focus on and had incredible stretches. The music was nice and the tables were comfy.  10/10 would recommend!


ReBecca Lavin. on Facebook – 5/26/2018 – 5 Stars
I have been privileged to experience the magical work of the phenomenal body gurus at Massage Reimagined. I am a massage therapist and (disclaimer) mother of the head guru. Putting that aside, I encourage anyone seeking extraordinary care and bodywork to make your next massage experience an exceptional one at MRI in Fremont:-)


Mandy P. On Yelp – 5/8/2018 – 5 Stars
Look no further for a massage! Go with Keighli, request Lomi style, and prepare to have your body be relaxed and rejuvenated. You will NOT be disappointed!


Rainthought on Google – April 2018 – 5 Stars
What a neat and tranquil place! I must say this is my BEST massage experience ever. Laura is an amazing therapist, really appreciate it.


Christina Halaszyn on Google – March 2018 – 5 Stars
The therapist I saw gave me a massage like none I’d had before. I felt incredibly relaxed and a couple of days later a muscle strain I sustained faded entirely. They are very respectful and aware of client preferences, and clearly care very much about their work. I wish they took insurance so I could go more than once a year, but I get it. Definitely going to save up for a couple’s massage with my husband.


Hannah Seki on Google – Feb 2018 – 5 Stars
Really great massage! Definitely would come back!

Michael Soule on Google – Feb 2018 – 5 Stars
This was my second massage at Massage Reimagined with Travis.  He is very intuitive, he knows where to find and evaluate the areas of concern and applies just the right amount of pressure.  I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and back to earth. I will definitely be rebooking another massage in the near future.

Lindsey R. On Yelp – Feb 2018 – 5 Stars
I had so much tension in my shoulders I could feel pinching when I breathed- I was in a lot of pain. So I try this place for the first time and got a 2 hour massage. Laura was absolutely wonderful. Even in all the pain I was in I somehow still got so relaxed I was passing out. It was hands down the best massage I’ve ever gotten. The massage room was very nicely set up- perfect lighting, music, warmth. Laura seemed very intuitive to what my body needed without overdoing it as I’ve had at other places. No up charges for different kinds of massages and techniques which was a pleasant surprise. They also have thorough intake papers so there is no confusion as to what you want and don’t want in your massage which I really really appreciated. Not only does it make you feel safe but you can create the exact type of massage experience you want. And not surprisingly, 2 days later (after icing and drinking lots of water like Laura suggested) I am pretty much pain free. She is a magician and I can’t wait to go back!!


Ben D. On – 2/5/2018 – 5 Stars
I really enjoyed my massage experience with Keighli. It was the first time I had a massage with her and the first time I had experienced a style of massage that was very intentional around connection and heart space touch. I definitely noticed a difference in how relaxed it made my body, even when there was more deep tissue happening. Intentional touch felt very healing for my body versus just a medical massage. Keighli has a great healing presence and I recommend her to anyone wanting a great massage.

Matthew Johnson on Google – Jan 2018 – 5 Stars
Best massage I’ve had in years! I’ve been a massage therapist for 23 years and have taught at massage school and trained in high end spas for years. I’ve had my share of massage.  I feel it’s been a long time since I’ve been wowed by a massage though. I’m disappointed more often than not. It was such a great experience to sink into the table and enjoy such a good massage. It was perfect. Pressure was just right. I was surprisingly supple afterwards. My muscles clearly responded to the slow even application of pressure. You owe it to yourself to try Deep Lomi.


Clara Wells on Google – Jan 2018 – 5 Stars
Massage Reimagined has a tasteful, relaxing space with little touches that make it more memorable and enjoyable. They also have great client service; both Joe and Keighli have been super communicative and kind. I keep finding myself at a loss for words when I try to relay the massage experience. I can declare that Keighli Donald is a magician. I can describe how her touch is effective, intense, and nurturing in all the ways I need…how the techniques make your entire body feel connected instead of segmented…the flow, completeness, novelty, etc. Words are profound, but they can’t do Keighli justice. Describing how she left me stunned after our first session is like trying to describe the first time I saw Niagara Falls.

“The result is something truly magical that has to be experienced to be believed.” -Massage Reimagined website, explaining their underlying Deep Lomi technique.

Kathryn Marsh on Facebook – 1/27/2018 – 5 Stars
Massage Reimagined is a game changer, they have upped the bar in what I expect in a massage. I’ve had a lot of massages, but the one that I received from Travis is THE BEST MASSAGE I’VE EVER HAD. Is that over the top? Nope. The massage was perfect, never too much pressure or too little. I felt cared for and well nurtured. I encourage everyone, especially other therapists to experience what a truly perfect massage can be like. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Nancy Witt on Facebook – 1/21/2018 – 5 Stars
I get a lot of massages. This place is awesome. Two thumbs up! My new favorite massage place.

Clara W. On Yelp – 1/11/2018 – 5 Stars
The space: Massage Reimagined has a tasteful, relaxing space with little touches that make it more memorable and enjoyable. For example, the lavender sage water hand soap smells delicious, and you get to follow it up with the most luxurious paper towels. And there are speakers in every room so the music you hear when you enter the waiting area is also in the restroom and the massage room; I find that continuity grounding, and it helps you begin relaxing immediately. Finally, the massage room itself is very well done: lighting, massage table (feels like a cushy bed), smells, tidiness, etc.

The service: They’re great. Both Joe and Keighli have been super communicative and kind.


The massage: I saved this aspect for last not because it’s the best – which it is – but because I keep finding myself at a loss for words when I try to relay the experience. I can declare that Keighli Donald is a magician. I can describe how her touch is effective, intense, and nurturing in all the ways I need…how Keighli is able to get more deeply into my rigid glutes like no other therapist…how the techniques make your entire body feel connected instead of segmented…the flow, completeness, novelty. Although euphoria sweeps me away when I try to communicate how phenomenal Keighli is, I’m also kind of frustrated that all these details aren’t enough. Words are profound, but they can’t do her justice. Describing how she left me stunned after our first session is like trying to describe the first time I saw Niagara Falls.

Gavriella Nirmala Velategui on Facebook – 1/4/2018 – 5 Stars
I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Keighli. It was my first massage at MR and I was looking for a tx. due to sciatica. Her technique and touch were useful in order to provide balance and integration which reduced my pain level. Since I am a craniosacral practitioner of many years I was looking for someone who could listen and be attentive to my needs, she met me with 100% satisfaction. I will be going back!


Elizabeth G H. On  Facebook  & Yelp – 1/2/2018 – 5 Stars
Travis’ massage was the work I had been craving for years. When he finished and walked out I lay there for a moment realizing that this had been exactly what I felt like massage should feel like, and why so many massages I had received beforehand didn’t feel complete to me. I adored all of the stretching he incorporated into it, the full body Lomi strokes (both of those were new to me to receive) and the deep smoothness, as well as creativity, of his movement. He was peacefully confident and intuitive, easy to trust, and communicated very well both verbally and non verbally. Pressure wise it was perfect, no soreness the next day, but still could feel the wonderful effects of the massage, and he was very attentive to how my body responded to pressures. The room was artful and entirely comfortable, as well as the draping.  All in all, this was the best massage I have ever received, and I am beyond grateful to have found Massage Reimagined.


Amy L. On Yelp – 11/18/2017 – 5 Stars
The name says it all! Joe and team have reimagined what massage is and created an amazing experience customized to each person. Travis was my therapist and he is talented, intuitive, always professional and just generally rad.  If you haven’t worked with Joe (the owner) before you may find the intake process long but trust me it’s worth it–they really want to make the experience exactly what you want it to be. If you are a person who has only had massage envy type massages you really need to try this. It can be better than physical therapy and really a rich experience that nowhere else offers. Nowhere else. I’ve been to a ton of massage therapists. But this is a whole other level. Really. If you think you know what good massages are, go with Joe and his team and let them reimagine with you the possibilities of healing and relaxation and yummy blissful touch therapy. Do it!


Jay C Rozendaal. on Facebook – 11/5/2017 – 5 Stars
This is a beautiful and comfortable space, and Travis is a very skilled and sensitive therapist
. He gave plenty of attention to my main trouble area (my neck has never had so much TLC), without having to skimp on the rest – my experience over the years suggests that is a tricky balance to achieve! I was at ease from start to finish, and that’s unique in a first meeting. Thanks very much, Travis. And if you’re looking for an extraordinary massage experience – look no further.


Molly Peebles on Facebook – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
I saw Laura today….bliss! Fabulous massage, deeper pressure was great, I am already looking forward to the next one. Very talented therapist I recommend highly. Love the new studio…warm and welcoming, easy to find.


Joely J. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
A perfect massage experience! Starting with free parking and ending with zero rush and and a complimentary bottle of water. The office style is pure Joe Lavin — understated contemporary luxury (cozy, soft, warm). I felt at home right away even though this was my first time meeting Laura. We had time for me to fill out the intake form (though it’s a good idea to do this ahead of time if you can; there is a lot of information and you’ll benefit if you let your therapist make the most of what you indicate on the form) and for me to get settled with no rush. I told Laura I like to be ultra-warm on the table and she absolutely made that happen. The session was like a journey… it all felt fresh and new but also very skilled and thorough. Hands and feet, yes! Thank you so much Laura, and thank you Joe for creating this new haven for healing in Seattle. xoxo


Alanna B. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
My husband and I have both been here shortly after they opened. We each saw a different massage therapist and we both had a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend Massage Reimagined for the professionalism of their business and the quality of massage performed by highly skilled and caring practitioners. They take their work very seriously and meet each client where they are at – whether you are looking for a relaxing massage or deep tissue, they have you covered!.


Jay R. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
This is a beautiful and comfortable space, and Travis is a very skilled and sensitive therapist. He gave plenty of attention to my main trouble area (my neck has never had so much TLC), without having to skimp on the rest – my experience over the years suggests that is a tricky balance to achieve! I was at ease from start to finish, and that’s unique in a first meeting. Thanks very much, Travis. And if you’re looking for an extraordinary massage experience – look no further.


Laurel H. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
Keighli Donald is the exact therapist I have been looking for ten years. I have had a chronic pain issue that has lead me to many treatments and therapists of all kinds, but being in the care of Keighli is where I have seen the most improvement. She has a way of working through the painful moments of a massage with ease while maintaining your relaxation. I believe it is because of the intuitive massage she provides. It feels as though she knows what’s happening in your body, sometimes more than you do. If you are looking for a relaxing and therapeutic massage, different than you’ve experienced before, you found it.


David S. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
Pure bliss! Masterful technique as deep as you need. Say goodbye to pain and enjoy!


Eric E. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
I’ve had a couple massages with Keighli and both times were amazing! Being an LMT myself, I can be picky with the type of massage I receive. Keighli listens to my concerns and is in tune with what my body needs. I like her style of massage too. She uses long, broad strokes with the right amount of pressure. She’s very nice, professional, and a wonderful massage therapist. Highly recommend!

Genevieve G. on Facebook – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
A massage with Travis is like a tree in a windstorm, but unlike the unpredictability of mother nature, Travis will never be too much nor too little. You will bend, twist and move in unexpected ways and Travis will clear out all the unnecessary, letting it fall away as it may. All the while you will become stronger, more flexible and able to withstand more than previously conceived. You will not only be more grounded, you will be more deeply rooted. You will feel humbled by the awe you have for your own magnificent and capable body.

[Yep, I highlighted the entire review because it was beautiful. I think we might have to frame this one as well!]


Akili P. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
I travel all over the world and I get a lot of really great massages, I am also exposed to a lot of different styles of massage. My first massage at Massage Reimagined was easily the best massage that I have ever received in the states and among the best that I have received anywhere. My second massage was a four-handed massage (with two therapists) which I have had before, however the style that they used and the way that they worked together and flowed with each other during the massage was nothing short of epic!

I honestly looked for a word that was not too over the top, but epic really describes the experience. These people are artists first and massage therapists second. I will obviously be back the next time I am in Seattle.


Molly P. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
I had a massage today with Laura….fabulous!! The last two massages I have gotten were disappointing, so I was really looking forward to a great one. And I got it! This experience was bliss! She listened to me during intake, understood what I needed, the pressure was great–I prefer deeper work and she delivered. Thorough, relaxing, exactly what I needed.

I highly recommend Laura and Massage Reimagined…I’m so glad Joe Lavin opened this sweet place. I will be back soon!


ryn1115 on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
Thank you Keighli! Your work keeps me moving. Having been in a couple of car accidents where I injured my lower back it is amazing what an intuitive massage therapist can do for me. Your willingness to listen to my verbal and non-verbal cues makes the time you get to work very effective. I often forget that it’s ok for me to say when a pressure is not right and you sense that, do a check in and then adjust as needed. I will be scheduling with you again soon! I have a lot of work needed.

David S. on Google – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
Pure bliss! Masterful technique as deep as you need. Say goodbye to pain and enjoy!


Molly P. On Yelp – Oct 2017 – 5 Stars
I had a massage today with Laura…amazing!! 2 hours of bliss. Only problem was that it was too short 🙂 she listened to what I wanted, pressure & quality of touch was perfect, and I so appreciated the time to chill out. The new office is warm and welcoming, and the Fremont location is pretty convenient. Parking was a bit of a challenge, though, so build in some extra time for street parking. Once you’ve had reimagined massage, it’s pretty hard to go back to standard! I recommend Laura and Massage Reimagined highly, and look forward to my next trip back.


Laura K. On Yelp – Sep 2017 – 5 Stars
Wow, wow and wow! Had a massage with Keighli and it was absolutely spectacular. She has such a wonderful touch, knows when to go deep and when not to. This was one of the most phenomenal massages I have ever had. And I’ve had a lot. My only complaint is that it was over too soon!


Joe Lavin (Me) On Yelp – Sep 2017 – 5 Stars
OK, this is about as self-serving as it gets, but I specifically opened this practice to showcase three of my best students and to give them a place where they would be free to be as creative and brave as they wanted to be with their massage and bodywork.


And before we had any reviews, this page was blank except for my thoughts about these wonderful therapists…

Travis is an amazing massage therapist, bodyworker and human being. He attended one of my continuing education classes a couple of years ago and I knew he was special as soon as I saw him start to work. We have played, learned and even competed together since then. I am constantly impressed with his bodywork and his creative spirit.


Laura sneaks up on you. You know you are going to get a really good massage as soon as she starts…but then you realize that you are going to get a world class relaxation massage as you surrender to her work. I love the slow flow of her work and willingness to be brave and try new things. I also really love doing four-handed massages with her because her energy fills the room and helps make the experience even more amazing.


Keighli is one of my absolute favorite therapists to see as a client and to do couples massages and four handed massages with. Her work is slow, deep and very intuitive. She listens to your body and responds with what exactly what you need. She also absolutely loves what she does and it is constantly evident.

Get ready to be amazed!