It All Begins With Our Exclusive Deep Lomi and Primal Flow Massage Styles…

Everything that we do begins with our exclusive Deep Lomi and Primal Flow Styles of Massage. We developed these massage styles using the relaxing full body Hawaiian Lomi styles as the base for our work and then integrating the best techniques from traditional Thai Massage and Thai Yoga as well as techniques from various sports massage and relaxation response modalities. In our Deep Lomi massage therapy sessions, we use our hands, forearms, elbows, triceps, and even our shoulders to facilitate extremely long and luxurious strokes that integrate the entire body and do not force us to work on specific areas in isolation of others.

Then We Marinate All Of Our Work In Some beautiful Phenomenal Touch®…

One of the biggest external influences on our massage and bodywork styles has been the teaching and mentoring of the incomparable Leslie Bruder, her Phenomenal Touch Massage® and her tribe of amazing ‘Phenomenistas’. Our massage visionary, Joe Lavin first met Leslie in 2015 and he has been learning from her ever since. Joe has spent more than 200 hours at Leslie’s school becoming certified as a Certified Phenomenal Touch Practitioner® and even more hours soaking up the energy, talent, beauty and wisdom of all of the other teacher’s and students of this amazing style of massage. Now the rest of the team is starting to get trained directly by Leslie and understand the power and beauty of her work!

The work is very slow, calming, and amazingly effective.

Each of our massage therapists has their own exclusive set of specialized skills that they bring to your massage experience. You can request any of these skills and techniques specifically and we will schedule your session with the appropriate therapist, or you can just ask your favorite therapist what special techniques they bring to their table.

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Deep Lomi Massage

This is what separates us from just about any other massage therapy experience you can find. Our Deep Lomi Massage is generous, lavish, and extremely effective. It truly has to be experienced to be understood.

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Thai Massage

Shock and Awe meets Ooh and Ahh! We offer floor based Thai Yoga Massage sessions and we also integrate powerful Thai Massagebased Stretching and Compression techniques into our tablebased sessions in order to provide you with one of the most dynamic and effective massages possible.

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Nurturing Touch Massage

Nurturing Touch Massage and Bodywork focuses on much more than muscular and neural physiology. It goes much deeper than therapeutic massage, and incorporates other healing modalities and energies as well. It is a much deeper level of touch. In these sessions, you’ll experience a slower, more luxurious, and with more intentional communication that you are important, safe, and deserve to really relax.

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Cupping Therapy

We use cupping massage therapy a little different than most cupping practitioners. First of all, we use Baguanfa Soft Silicone Cups for our cupping instead of fire cupping with glass cups. Second, we incorporate cupping therapy directly into our massage, and move the cups right along with our massage strokes until we find troubled areas where we can focus on. This allows us to leverage the complementary benefits derived from creating a localized vacuum (negative pressure) with the benefits derived from manual tissue manipulation (positive pressure), joint manipulation, and relaxation bodywork.

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