• Joe Lavin

5 Massage Questions You May Be Too Embarrassed To Ask

Getting a massage is one of the best, most relaxing experiences you can have. But not being aware of the right massage etiquette or harboring doubts about massage therapy can envelop you in quite a bit of confusion. Well, that’s what we are here for - to alleviate your doubts. Whether you are a massage-novice or a veteran, there are probably some questions that you are reluctant or embarrassed to ask. Here are some of the more common questions:

1. How much clothing should I remove for the massage?

Most spas and relaxation therapists will ask you to remove your clothes according to your comfort level and then use sheets to keep your body modestly covered during the massage. Some people like to keep their underwear on while some do not, usually that is up to your personal preference and does not affect the therapist either way. For some specific kinds of massages, such as the Deep Lomi Massage that we provide at Massage Reimagined, the therapist might recommend that you do not wear undergarments and offer you different draping alternatives in order to do longer, more continuous flows on you. The bottom line is that you should always feel safe, comfortable and relaxed!

2. What if I feel self conscious about my body?

You should never allow your body image issues to prohibit you from seeking any kind of health or therapeutic treatment, especially massage. Whether it is your weight, stretch marks, scars or anything like that. At Massage Reimagined, we love the human body in every form that it comes in. Our therapists are not here to judge anything, instead we focus on making you feel as comfortable in and about your skin as possible.

3. What If I fall asleep?

It is very common for clients to fall asleep during a massage session. Many people go for a massage to unwind when they are overly stressed or tired. They feel so relaxed and de-stressed that they end up falling asleep on the table. And if you are worried about snoring or drooling, don’t be because a professional therapist will not judge you.

4. Should I talk during my massage?

It is your massage, do what you want. If you engage your therapist in conversation, they will be more than happy to talk with you. If you know that you do not like to talk during your massage session, we recommend that you tell your therapist before the massage begins, At Massage Reimagined our therapists will ask what you prefer and follow your lead. If you are quiet, so are we. It is your massage, make sure and ask for what you want and let your therapist know what you do not want.

5. What if I am ticklish?

Before your massage begins, let your therapist know where you are ticklish and to what degree. This will help them avoid certain areas on your body if required, or work more carefully. Usually, a good massage therapist can use slower strokes with more pressure and a broader surface to keep you from feeling ticklish.

Have more questions? At Massage Reimagined, we can answer any questions or doubts you might have about massages or the styles that we specialize in.

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