Pricing Reimagined
We keep our pricing structure as simple as possible, and
we always give you the full hour on the table (or however much time that you request). We also leave at least a half hour in between appointments to make sure that you do not feel rushed. We want you to feel encouraged to relax and enjoy some extended bliss after your session…

We charge a flat hourly rate of  $100 per hour (per therapist):

    At Our Practice     At Your Location*
Individual Appointments $100/hour $100/hour + $50 Travel Fee
Couples Massage $200/hour $200/hour + $100 Travel Fee
Four Handed Massage $200/hour $200/hour + $100 Travel Fee

With the following special considerations:

     At Our Practice      At Your Location*
     Professional Athletes* $125/hour  $125/hour + $50 Travel Fee
     Medical Treatments*  $135/hour  $135/hour + $50 Travel Fee

Special Events
Please contact us for pricing if you are interested in having us provide massage services for your company or private event. We specialize in creating amazing presentations, massage spaces and experiences.

Cancellation and No Show Policy
It is very important to us that we respect our massage therapists’ time so we have a very firm cancellation policy. There is no charge for cancellations made more than 24 hours before your appointment start time. There is a 50% of the normal session price* charge for appointments canceled less than 24 hours before your appointment start time. If you fail to cancel your appointment before its start time and do not show up for it, you will be charged the normal session cost that appointment. The normal session cost is the listed price for that session; it does not include any discounts such as the 50% new client discount. It is important for new clients to understand that the cancellation fee will be calculated on the full, non-discounted cost of their session.

     Cancellation Fee
More Than 24 Hours Notice No Charge
Less Than 24 Hours Notice  50% of Normal Session Cost
No Show 100% of Normal Session Cost

The Asterisks*
Pricing is Per Therapist*: Couples Massage Sessions and Four-Hands Massage Sessions require two massage therapists, that is why the rate is $200/hour for those services. Travel Fees*: Our standard travel fee is $50 per therapist for the Seattle and Bellevue Metropolitan areas. If you are outside of these areas please contact us before booking your mobile massage experience. Professional Athletes*: This rate is for professional sport/activity specific outcome based work usually performed under contract and at the direction of athletic trainers or team doctors.  Medical Treatments*: This rate is for treatment protocols provided under the direct supervision or prescription of a medical professional. This includes Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and motor vehicle related injuries covered by insurance.