Scheduling Your Massage

​We have several different massage experiences and specialized practitioners that you can choose from. You can even choose to schedule your massage at different locations (including your home, office, etc.). If you are unsure what, where or with whom you want to schedule, give us a call at 206.801.9251 or email us at 


Otherwise, please select from the following options: 

Online Scheduling

(Individual Appointments Only)

If you would like to schedule your individual massage appointment online (at our Fremont location or at your location), click the button below. If you want to schedule any of our multi-therapist experiences (Couple's Massage, Four Handed Massage, etc.) please call us at 206.801.9251 or fill out the appointment request below. 

Scheduling Special Experiences

Some of our massage experiences such as our Couples Massage and Four-Handed Massage Experiences, require a more nuanced scheduling process. Please call us to schedule these or fill out the form below.

Request An Appointment

Enter as much information as possible about the massage experience that you want to schedule and we will get back to you right away!