Greetings and welcome the Massage Reimagined blog. We’re happy to have you here with us. Massage therapy is our passion and we take a lot of pride in the healing services we provide to our clients. Over the years, our experienced massage therapists have studied a wide range of massage styles and developed many different experiences to help you find a sense of inner calm, peace, and comfort. You don’t have to take our word for it though. Just take a look at the number of gushing reviews we’ve received from satisfied clients.

You’ll want to keep an eye on this space, as we will be delving into many different topics. We’ll be looking at the benefits you stand to gain from massage therapy, how it can help with a fitness regimen, the differences between massage styles, and much more. However, it won’t stop there. We’ll also be discussing essential oils as they relate to massage, the methods of massage we employ, and how to determine what treatment will best fit your needs.

At Massage Reimagined, we don’t just look for ways to improve your physical health. We want to help with your emotional and mental health as well. We’ve seen so many people come out of one of our sessions with an overwhelming sense of calm, which cannot be overvalued in a stress-filled day-to-day life. So whether you are seeking that inner peace and a moment of meditation, or you are dealing with extensive pain issues, our therapeutic treatments can help you feel better.

If you’ve heard about cupping therapy from Michael Phelps or other athletes, you might be wondering if it is a good option for you. We’ll be digging into the history, practice, and benefits of cupping. We also offer Deep Lomi Bodywork massage, a technique created by our founder, Joe Lavin, LMT, CPT, CEIM and Certified Phenomenal Touch Practitioner®. We’ll dig into the fascinating new technique that was based on Hawaiian Lomi styles.
Whether you’re looking for a therapeutic massage or just something to help you relax after a long week, we have wonderful massage experiences available that we’ll detail in our blog. From our individual massage experience to the romantic couple’s massage experience, you will be amazed at the benefits you can receive from our treatments.

One of our most incredible experiences is the Four Handed Massage. You won’t believe the decadent relaxation and satisfaction you will walk away with after treatment from two incredible and experienced massage therapists working on you at once. You’ll receive the attention you deserve to handle all of the stress and strain you shoulder through everyday life.

We want to reiterate how happy we are to have you join us. Watch this space for more information about the services and experiences we provide, along with amazing information about the incredible power massage holds. If you have been searching for massage therapy services here in Seattle, come to Massage Reimagined. When you want to escape the ordinary, Massage Reimagined is there for you. We hope to see you soon!