Escape The Ordinary

..and reimagine what is possible!

We are currently waiting for the Governor

and the Dept. of Health to let us know that

we can resume seeing our clients. We will

let you know when as soon as we know.  

We miss all of our clients and hope you are doing well in spite of all that is going on around us!

Forget Everything You Know About MassagE

And let us help you re-imagine a completely new massage experience 

that is unique, extraordinary and completely yours!

I created Massage Reimagined to challenge everything that we know about what massage is as well as what massage can be. I hand-picked some of the most amazing, creative, and inspiring massage therapists that I have taught or worked with in the last 10 years and created a space where they can be truly creative and do their best work without being limited by the suffocating corporate structures and bland assembly line approaches that are starting to become the norm in our industry. 

So please, come in and reimagine what it feels like to receive an extraordinary massage experience... 


What Makes Us Different?

There are so many things that we do that make your massage completely unique and unforgettable as a practice and as individual massage therapists. Two of the most important things are the style of massage we have created and the intentionally nurturing touch that we  use.    

Full-Body Deep Lomi

The underlying technique and intention for all of our bodywork is Deep Lomi Massage, which was created by our founder and massage visionary, Joe Lavin.


He developed this style using the relaxing full-body Hawaiian Lomi styles as a base for his work and then integrating the best massage techniques from all over the world. These modalities include; traditional Thai Massage and Thai Yoga, as well as techniques from various sports massage and relaxation response modalities. The result is something truly magical that has to be experienced to be believed...

Nurturing Touch

Nurturing Touch Massage focuses on much more than muscular and neural physiology. It goes much deeper than therapeutic massage and incorporates other healing modalities and energies as well. 


Nurturing touch is calming, slow and very patient. The strokes are lavish and lingering. It has the intention of making the client feel as relaxed and complete as they can in this moment. It is non-judgmental and accepts the client as they are without needing to change them. There are lots of additional nurturing touches and holds along with the Deep Lomi strokes. 

Our Massage Experiences

We believe that every massage should be an experience to remember

We offer a wide range of therapeutic massage, relaxation, and bodywork experiences that are designed to relax, pamper, and amaze you while improving your well-being. Select one of the categories below to see what we have created for you. We also love a challenge, so if you don't find what you are looking for, we are more than happy to create a customized massage or bodywork experience just for you. Email or call us today to talk about the possibilities.

Individual Massage Experiences

Our individual massage experiences are the perfect way for you to treat yourself to an indulgent relaxation session or a life-changing therapeutic massage!

Read more about our Individual Massage Experiences...

Couple's Massage Experiences

Our Couple's Massage Experiences allow you to enjoy your massage with someone special and relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your bodies as well as your relationship!

Read more about our Couple's Massage Experiences...

Four Handed Massage Experiences

There is nothing even close to experiencing the indulgent care and presence of two amazing massage therapists at the same time. Our Four Handed Massage will leave you satiated, breathless and wanting to come back before you even leave.

Read more about our Four Handed Massage Experiences...

Massage Workshops

We teach small group and private Couple's Massage Workshops, Thai yoga massage and acro yoga workshops designed for anyone as well as Continuing Education classes for Licensed Massage Therapists.  

We are updating our workshop information and will post it soon. 

Your Place or Ours?

You can come in to our convenient Fremont location with covered parking or have us come to you at your home, office, hotel, private yacht or rustic long as you are in the greater Seattle/Bellevue area. 

The Apothecary Reimagined

Create the perfect massage oil for each and every massage at our Artisan Massage Oil Mixing Apothecary....

Cannabis Infused Massage Oils

We offer hemp oil and cannabis-infused massage oils for our clients who request them. These are known as CHABA (Cannabis Health & Beauty Aids) and were just recently incorporated into the Washington State massage therapist's scope of practice.